Hello world!

Yes hello. I’m not sure what if anything I have to say will be effecatious but I’ll try none the less. Today other than being beat down from work I am happy that, for the time being, the cap on the Deepwater Horizon seems to be holding. It’s nice to know the millions of barrels of sin a day that that were gushing from that have been reduced a tad. Still the fact is that our sins are continuing to wreak havoc on the world. Greed, unrestrained consumption, and politics have been combined with disaterous results for the people of the gulf coast. Of course many either chooose not to, or simply don’t realize, that while there is blood on the hands of both BP and the current administartion for this abomination, there is blood on the hands of America and the world as a whole.

 This is because we have simply come to see the world as our personal dumping ground, to be used, abused and exploited for our own personal gain as opposed to what it really is; A gift from God for us to tend, manage and use wisely. It is not here for us to exploit, abuse, worship, or live in fear of. In the case of the Gulf we are seeing the end results of greed based exploitation and the consiquences of those sins. And make no mistake they are sins, and sins have consequences not just for those that commit (BP), or abet in the commission of it (the current administartion for giving BP exemptions to normal, likely lax, saftey protocols) but on the world around us. In Romans Chapter 5 St. Paul writes “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men”. And so Adam’s sin caused all his descendents, not to mention every single living creature, to die not only physically but, prior to Christ, in the case of human beings, spiritually as well. Of couse seeing as all human beings share the same essence, and seeing that we were fashioned out of the dust of the very planet on which we live, this really shouldn’t be too surprising. We are tied to it and each other no matter how hard we try to squirm and say otherwise. 

Sadly theological truths such as these often fall on deaf years in a world that primarily is concerned with the advancement, in an unhealthy way, of the individual. We don’t even consider the possibilty that we, as a matter of our ontology, are tied together, when in fact we are. We were created in the image and likeness of God who Is Trinity. Three Persons, One in Essence and undivided. So, we who are created in the image and likeness of God share a common human essence and we simply cannot escape that no matter how hard we try and when we do the effects of doing so are sinful and always result in death in some way or another either to ourselves or to the people/world around us.

Further, we cannot see Christ in ourselves let alone in each other and we certainly are too busy worshipping the latest fads to even consider, prayerfully, that Christ by his Incarnation has healed not only our human nature but has also sanctified the cosmos by taking on our nature, thus making them sacramental and providing us with an opportunity to again be stewards and managers of creation, thus fullfilling our  purpose; To tend creation, including each other, and to worship our Creator.

In the end the well will eventually be permanently capped, the coast will be cleaned (as best it can be) and this event will become a distant, if unpleasant, memory. Hopefully though this can be a learning exprience where in we choose to repent of our sinful behavior twords the environment and twords each other. And if not there will be, for many years to come, little balls of sinful tar to remind us that we need to turn to God and ask Him to forgive and heal us.

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